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The Twilight Series 15mm

The Twilight Series 15mm
The Twilight Series 15mm

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cheers to Chic Closet!

Hi darlings!

Just a lil' shoutout to those of you who are looking for tight-fitting, chic anddd stylo dresses to go with your favourite pair of lenses, head on to Chic Closet!

We personally LOVE their lacey low back dress in black! Perfect for parties, hittin the club or simply a dinner date!

Looking for something a lil' more basic & bodycon? They have it too!

If you are opting for something a lil' sweeter, they have one last piece of the dress below in NUDE as well!

Pair these pretty dresses with your favourite coloured contact lenses to complete that look! Sexy and stylo TWO in one!


Thursday, March 15, 2012

Batch 32: 16th - 22nd March 2012

Hi guys!

Thanks for the overwhelming response last batch! We really appreciate all the support and feedback and truly hope you guys are happy with your lenses!

As promised, we will be open again for pre-orders tomorrow (16th March 2012) until next Thursday (22nd of March 2012). You only have a week this time around, so HURRY UP and place your orders before the closing date :D

For those of you who do not fancy big dolly lenses, here's your chance to grab normal-medium sized lenses (14-15mm) at a bargain! This discount only applies to the lenses listed below. Happy shopping!

(All prices after discount!)
1. Puffy (14.5mm) RM26
2. Dreamy.i (14.5mm) RM26
3. Natural (14mm) 3tones RM29
4. BT 15 (14.8mm) RM29.
5. Sugar Candy (14.5mm) RM29
6. Jewel (15mm) RM31
7. DollyEye (14.2mm) RM31
We love you!

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